We are a simple family with a deep love of the Newfoundland breed.  We live and raise our dogs in the majestic Bitterroot Valley in Western Montana. Our home is located on the Bitterroot River and we thoroughly enjoy interacting with this magnificent breed in and out of the water.

After much research, we decided to purchase our first Newfoundland puppy.  Unfortunately we found it very difficult to find registered Newfoundland puppies, or a breeder that was willing to sell a puppy to us without insisting either:
a) we may not offer a good home to a Newfoundland and therefore would be required to go through an extended screening process by way of a lengthy and repetitive questionnaire; or
b) that they would not sell a puppy with an unlimited registration without owning a share of the puppy (ostensibly to keep in contact with the puppy throughout its life) and therefore a share of the litter of that puppy if eventually bred. 

The process turned out to be so complicated that we started a multi-year project to become a provider of quality sound dogs to people who desire the most loving rewarding experience imaginable; owning a healthy, breed standard Newfoundland.